Creating a Romantic Wedding Registry

Modern couples are saying “I do” later in life. And with 65% of them living together before their big day, the traditional wedding registry is quickly losing its appeal to brides and grooms to be. They already have all the household basics and kitchen gadgets that they really need, and would rather have their guests invest in their future life together, instead of more vases or cutlery.

Out with the boring old traditional registry, and in with the new wish registry – a tasteful version of a cash gift registry, and a much more graceful alternative to the wishing well. One of the biggest benefits of creating a wedding wish registry is the opportunity to indulge your every whim. The sky’s the limit: in most cases, your close family and friends will be happy to show their support by contributing toward such a fun and romantic “cause”.

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few suggestions for a romantic wish-based bridal registry:

Start by watching a few timeless romantic movies. In an age where we’re inundated with modern concepts of glamour and fun, it can be an eye-opener to step back a few decades and get a few ideas for living the high life from iconic heartthrobs like Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

Add some romantic “together time” activities to your wish-based wedding registry, such as salsa lessons, para-sailing, or guided tours for just the two of you.

Don’t hesitate to include little romantic flourishes in your wedding registry, such as champagne from room service, lingerie, gourmet picnic lunches, or upgrading your rental car to a convertible or flashy sports car.

Honeymoons are for pampering and relaxing. Include spa days, skin treatments, massages, personalized workouts… any activity that makes you feel good about yourself, comfortable, and relaxed.

Resist the temptation to over-schedule. This might be especially difficult if you don’t go on a lot of vacations and your honeymoon takes you somewhere like New York or Paris, but remember: days crowded with appointments and events-even if they’re meant to be fun-can still create stress. It’s better to thoroughly enjoy one or two activities than to squeeze in five or six.

You’ll have the rest of your lives to be practical. Instead of a traditional bridal registry or wishing well, consider using an online wedding wish registry. You can collect heartfelt contributions toward adding just a little bit – or a lot – of romance in your future life together.

The Money Savvy Couple’s Guide to Wedding Registries

For many couples with a keen eye on their finances, a wedding cash registry, rather than a traditional wedding registry, may be an ideal option. Starting a newly wedded life together on sound financial footing can help couples avoid conflict that can arise from financial woes and stresses. According to premarital counselors, it’s important that marrying couples begin to discuss financial planning and household budgeting early on (preferably before the wedding) to establish a strong foundation.

For these and other reasons, it’s becoming increasingly popular to use the bridal registry or shower registry as a way to prepare for the future and meet financial challenges head on. With the help of wedding guests, family and friends, couples can use their wedding gift registry to help eliminate debt or to get started on the journey to a more prosperous future.

Here are a few ideas for the money savvy couple that wants to make the most of their cash gift registry:

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

For brides and grooms that already have substantial credit card debt, undertaking the often-hefty costs of a wedding can be a recipe for disaster. A bridal cash registry (or even a wedding wishing well or online wishing well) can help couples pay down existing and wedding-related debt, and ease financial related stress.

Pay off Student Loans

Student loan debt is on the rise, leaving many college-educated brides and grooms burdened by costly monthly payments. A wedding cash registry is ideal for helping to pay off education-related debts so that the new couple can save for the future or invest their money in a new home, car or other post-wedding necessities.

Start a Long-Term Savings Plan

Using money from a wedding registry to deposit into a long-term retirement savings plan is an ideal option for a frugal bride that likes to plan ahead. What better way to celebrate embarking toward the future together, than by planning for it?