How to Introduce the Concept of Wedding Cash Registries to Wedding Guests

Wedding cash registries are growing in popularity, yet there are varying opinions on the etiquette of how to establish one. While the concept of the wedding wishing well is becoming more common, the idea of asking for money – instead of gift items typically found on a wedding registry – is still fairly new, and to some, inappropriate.

A wedding wish registry is a specific type of cash gift registry that places the focus not on cash gifts, but on making a difference in the life of the new couple. A wedding wish registry helps guests to celebrate the couple’s values, lifestyle, personalities, hopes, dreams and everything that makes the couple unique and special.

When establishing a wedding wish registry, be sure to:

Let family and friends know what the money will be used for.

Share your plans to fulfill your sense of adventure with an around-the-world plane ticket, or to invest in furniture and decor to design a nursery for your first child. Your wedding guests will be excited to play a significant role in your happiness, and they’ll be happy to contribute to your bridal cash registry in order to make your wedding wish come true.

Let guests in on the dream.

Share your passions, dreams and desires with your wedding guests. Let them in on what you want most in the near or distant future, and how they can help make your wedding wishes and dreams a reality. Your loved ones want the best for you, and will be excited to help grant your most meaningful wedding wishes through your wedding wish registry.

Show your appreciation.

After the wedding, express your heartfelt thanks for your guests’ cash wedding gifts, and let them know how much their contribution to your cash gift registry meant to you. If you used your wedding gift registry to purchase a big-ticket item such as a house or a car, or to venture on the trip of a lifetime, send your guests a photo to share with them how they helped make your wedding registry dreams a reality.

Planning a wedding? Have you set up your online registry or wedding website yet? Visit our site and create your bridal gift registry or wedding cash registry in just a few simple steps! is a wedding registry, for wishes, not stuff. Your guests can contribute money towards your most meaningful wishes, instead of giving you cutlery

Not Your Mother’s Registry – 5 Top Modern Wedding Registry Trends

Today’s weddings are less of an exercise in tradition and archaic rituals, and more of a true expression of the personalities, values, hopes and dreams of the bride and groom. This trend is reflected in every aspect of the wedding planning, from the bride’s choice of wedding dress and bridal themes, to the wedding d├ęcor and wedding registry.

Gone are the days of a gift registry filled with old-fashioned items such as china, crystal and ornate linens that most likely will only be used on special occasions. A modern bridal registry is more likely to include wedding gifts that will fit the couple’s current lifestyles and enhance their new journey together.

Whether you’re a “Platinum Weddings” bride, frugal bride, bridezilla or laid back bride, there are lots of ways to reflect your personality and dreams in your wedding gift registry. Here are a few popular trends in wedding registry gifts, perfect for today’s bride and groom:

Ticket to Paradise

A honeymoon registry is one of the most popular wedding wishes for modern couples. Registry gifts can range from an investment in the couple’s dream to backpack around Europe to a week of beachside activities at one of the world’s most luxurious resorts.

Home Sweet Home

Why register for a bunch of ‘stuff’ to put into your dream home when you can actually register for your dream home? A down payment on a new home is not only one of the most popular wedding wishes found on today’s wedding registries, it’s one of the most valuable investments family and friends can make in a couple’s new life together.

A Fresh Financial Start

Student loans and other debt can be a huge burden for a couple preparing to start their new married lives together. A cash registry or an investment in a “fresh start” for a new couple can help them pave their way to a brighter and more prosperous future together. This is a more contemporary spin on the traditional wedding wishing well, and a very popular gift registry trend.

Pay it Forward

Many modern couples start their new lives together by paying it forward. Instead of asking for wedding gifts for themselves, they ask guests to donate money they would have spent on a gift registry items to a nonprofit organization or worthy cause. Typically, donations can be made by mail or by accessing a link on the couple’s wedding website. This year, many couples are likely to ask for donations to the Red Cross and other organizations that are helping to fund the relief efforts in Haiti.

Gift of Lifelong Learning

A great way to keep your newlywed relationship fresh and exciting is by trying new things together, which is why the gift of lifelong learning is a perfect addition to modern couple’s gift registries. Anything from music classes, cooking classes (an especially ideal gift for a bridal shower registry) or even flying lessons can bring excitement to a new marriage and help a couple continue to grow and strengthen their bond.

Brides often ask us, “Where can I get creative ideas for my gift registry?” View a sample online registry on our site at for a peek at other couple’s wedding wishes and then register for a wish registry of your own! is a Wedding Registry for Wishes, not Stuff.

It is a tasteful way to receive cash gifts for your wedding. Fill your Registry with your most meaningful wishes, such as your dream home, your honeymoon, or a future child’s education fund. Your family and friends can contribute money towards your future happiness, by granting your wedding wishes. Your registry is limited only by your imagination, and you’ll receive your collected Wish Funds as a payment into your bank account.