How to Register For Your Dream Wedding

With the average costs of a traditional wedding soaring near $30,000, many of today’s newlyweds are saying “I do” to premature debt. Sure, they might have received plenty of gifts from their wedding registry, but all of those toasters, linens, and picture frames won’t help pay off the steep bills from reception halls, photographers, and other vendors.

There’s no rule that says wedding registries have to be limited to appliances and household items. Today’s savvy brides and grooms are taking a new, economical approach to wedding planning by funding the ceremony and reception with cash gift registries.

Instead of skimping on your big day, why not use your bridal registry to help fund the wedding of your dreams? When you use your gift registry to cover the expenses for your big day, you’ll get to indulge in some of your dream wedding ideas without the guilt that comes with maxing out your credit cards before you’ve even changed your name.

The cash registry is growing in popularity among modern couples, allowing well wishers to donate the amount of their choice. But how can you make the request for cash gifts tasteful and personal for your guests? The answer: instead of simply requesting money, break down the specific expenses into individual gifts. For instance, you can invite family and friends to contribute a cash gift on your online registry to fund any of the following:

• Your dream wedding dress, shoes, and accessories
• Bridesmaid’s dresses, shoes, and accessories
• Tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen
• Wedding rings
• Flowers, music, and wedding décor
• Musical entertainment
• Photography and/or videography

You can even gracefully request money gifts by creating a honeymoon registry, so you can relax and enjoy your first adventure as a married couple without the anxiety of expensive airfare, hotel accommodations, and activities.

Don’t be shy about accepting cash donations for your shower registry-chances are, friends and loved ones will appreciate the convenience of instant online gifting, and will be happy to know that their contribution will be put towards your wedding wishes and your new life together as a married couple.

To add a personal touch, follow up with a thank-you card and photo that shows their cash wedding gift in action. For instance, if someone donates $50 to the purchase of your dream wedding dress, you can send a photo of yourself wearing it and include a hand-written note expressing how they helped make it possible for you to feel like a princess on your magical night. is a Wedding Registry for Wishes, not Stuff.

We provide a tasteful way to receive cash gifts for your wedding. Fill your Registry with your most meaningful wishes, such as your dream home, your honeymoon, or a future child’s education fund. Your family and friends can contribute money towards your future happiness, by granting your wedding wishes. Your registry is limited only by your imagination, and you’ll receive your collected Wish Funds as a payment into your bank account.