Wedding Wishing Well Poem Examples

The concept of a wishing well is becoming more and more popular each year – wedding surveys portray approximately 67% of couples are asking for monetary gifts in lieu of the traditional present. But how do you find a tasteful way of explaining the concept to your guests and ensure it doesn’t offend? The answer – a brief and simple note should be sent out with the wedding invitation. Depending on the theme and feel of your wedding, this note can be elegant or a touch of humour can be included. We have included some wishing well wording examples which you can use on your own wedding invitations.

We are sending out this invitation,
And hope you will join our celebration.
If to send a gift is your intention,
In modesty we would like to mention,
We have already got a kettle and a toaster,
Crockery, dinner mats and coasters,
So rather than something we have already got,
Please give us money for our saving pot.
But, most importantly, we request,
That you turn up as our wedding guest!

Our home is quite complete now,
We’ve been together long.
So please consider our request,
And do not take us wrong.
A delicate request it is,
We hope you understand.
Please play along, as it will give
Our married life a hand.
The tradition of the wishing well,
Is one that’s known by all.
Go to the well, toss in a coin
And as the coin does fall.
Make a wish upon that coin,
And careful as you do.
Cause as the well’s tradition goes,
Your wishes will come true.
So on this special day or ours,
The day that we’ll be wed.
Don’t hunt for special gifts
But give money is it’s stead.
And as you drop the envelope,
With money great and small,
Remember, make your wish
As you watch your money fall

So what do you get
For the Bride and Groom
Whose house needs things
In every room?

When shopping for a present
Please, don’t be rash
As the option is there
To just give cash!

We hope that you don’t find
Our request to be funny
But the decision is yours
To buy a present, or give money

Now you have the choice
Please do not fuss
The most important thing of all
Is that you come celebrate with us!

We hope that you will join us, on this our special day,
To celebrate our union in a very special way.

To make it easy for you and avoid a shopping spree
We thought that we would have instead, a little money tree.

Because we’ve been together, for a while now,
We collected all our household things before we took our vows.

An envelope has been included for you to bless our tree,
No name is required for each gift, as anonymity is the key!

So please don’t be offended at our new type of request,
Just telling everyone our wish, has really put us to the test!

To save you looking, shopping and buying,
Here is an idea we hope you’ll like trying!

Come to our wedding to wish us both well,
And make some use of our little wishing well.

Just put some money into a card,
Now make a wish…. See, that wasn’t hard!

Now that we have saved you all of the fuss,
We hope that you will come And celebrate with us!

Because at first we lived in sin
We’ve got the sheets and a rubbish bin!
A gift from you would be swell
But we’d prefer a donation
to our Wishing Well!

As we are already established, we would appreciate a monetary gift.
It will contribute towards the bigger things we need.
Should you prefer this option a wishing well will be provided at the reception.

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