Wedding Congratulatory Wishes and Messages

When we see our loved ones happy, we also feel happiness and delight. In addition, our happiness gets doubled if we feel that it is our thoughtful prayer, which we have prayed for them, is fulfilled. Wishes become particularly evident during moments of solemnity and beauty. The best example of these happiest moments is a wedding; a dream that came true of any couple in a relationship. It is the end of their boyfriend and girlfriend status and proceeds to the life of being as husband and wife.

Sincerity is the Key

When giving out wedding wishes, or a congratulatory message, one should remember one thing, and that is sincerity. Sincerity encompasses all kinds of emotions, because it is that one true emotion that can be felt especially this one came from deep within the heart as well. It is the true definition of heartfelt.

In cases, where one is put on the spot to say a wish or a congratulatory message to a couple, it is normal to be in a state of extreme excitement. Just calm down and say it naturally what one wants to say to the couple.

Sincerity of the words said can be achieved by making the heart rule; say what comes naturally. It is smart, never to over think about a wish or message. When you over think, that may be the time when you lose the sincerity in the message.

In addition, when using the brain too much while giving a message, you will end up with cliché lines, losing the sincerity in the process. It is better to use your own words and not words borrowed from others.

Simplicity is Beauty

When told about giving a message minutes before it is going to be delivered can be very exciting, but remember to keep it simple. When one says too many words, there is the tendency of making mistakes by saying too many words. The message becomes too wordy and one may lose track of the message that one wants to relay. Keeping it short and simple is the best way to show off a heartfelt message.

“Beauty is created out of love, and it is clear today. I congratulate you on your beautiful day.”

“I wish the couple a long and everlasting marriage.”

A message does not need to be smart; it needs to come from the heart, and sometimes the shortest ones are those, which are felt the most.

Quoting a Wedding Line

Wedding lines are not cliché; it is just a way of highlighting a certain part of a married life and bringing it into words. It is much like wishes and messages, but deeper and sometimes it can be more insightful. If one cannot come up with wedding wishes, which are short, simple, and heartfelt this may be the best direction to take.